Composition of the board of directors


Jordi Torres Falcó

Minister of Land Use Planning


Jordi Cinca Mateos

Minister of Finance

Josep Maria Missé Cortina

Board Member
Secretary of State for Economic Diversification

Jordi Nadal Bentadé

Board Member
Chief Executive Officer of Andorra Telecom

Antoni Ambatlle Martín

Board Member
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Andorra Telecom

Cèsar Marquina Pérez de la Cruz

Director of Security and Control of Andorra Telecom


In 2018 Andorra Telecom focused on strengthening its commitment to service and user experience. The new commercial catalogue for fibre optics, based on the original package known as 4Play (television, internet, landline and mobile phone), involves a change in concept by offering the client the chance to configure their own services and doing away with the internet download limit. The plan consists of a basic internet and telephone plan complemented by modules, which for the first time includes a 700 Mbps fibre optic connection for residential clients.

This reinforces the qualitative leap that the launch of the new mobile plan in 2017 represented, with the inclusion of roaming in Spain, France and Portugal in telephone packages. Our commitment to our customers’ connectivity abroad allows coverage for roaming packages to be extended to all EU countries and the United States.

The TV platform also incorporates new features that allow viewers to go back to the beginning of a live broadcast and view the last seven days of Movistar+ content.

Our commitment to constantly improving the user experience is also strengthened by service level agreements (SLA), which demonstrate our commitment to residential and business clients

Over the year, 14.1 million euros were earmarked for investments, especially those aimed at technical facilities including improvements to the television platform, the mobile phone network and 3G and 4G coverage, as well as the renewal of the TETRA emergency network, which serves Andorra's security and rescue services.

In the case of investments in affiliated companies, the Spanish company AVATEL, of which Andorra Telecom controls 37.3% of the shares, continued to grow and closed the year as the sixth largest Spanish operator, with a total of 74,000 clients.

The ESPIC contact centre also featured strongly, closing 2018, its third year of activity, with twenty clients, 61 employees, a turnover of 1.5 million euros and a net profit of 160,000 euros.

In terms of diversification, the board of directors decided to permanently suspend construction of The Cloud, stating that the tenders submitted for carrying out Phase 3 of the building were well above the estimated price, thus making the project unfeasible.

Andorra Telecom closed 2018 with a turnover of 87.9 million euros, 2.6% higher than the budget, an increase attributable to progress made in both traditional business and roaming. Operating expenses were favourable, both compared to the previous year (-3.8 million) and to the budget (-0.9 million), amounting to just 64.2 million due to the cost optimisation policy.

The difference between income and expenses has led to an operating profit of 23.7 million, with an improvement on the budget forecast of 3.1 million euros. The company’s net result after discounting the negative financial result due to the poor performance of international markets, non-recurring expenses and profit tax stood at 18.5 million euros, 10.2% below the forecast figure.

The revenues from roaming charges for phone usage by clients of foreign operators in our territory represented a net figure of 31.7 million euros, an amount 7.9 million euros lower than in 2017 (-20%) but 2.1 million euros higher (+7%) than the forecast amount. At the same time, an improvement in tourists’ connectivity was achieved, since around thirty operators, including the main French ones, placed Andorra within the community area.

With regard to traditional business, revenue was also better than expected. The year ended with a turnover of 53.6 million euros, 0.4% higher than the 53.4 million euros anticipated in the budget.

The company has continued to devote a great deal of effort to public responsibility. The speed of the optical fibre network for schools increased tenfold. The National Educational Network of Andorra (Xarxa Educativa Nacional d’Andorra - XENA) connects a total of 35 school buildings in the country and serves 11,000 students and 1,820 teachers from the three educational systems. The main change is the expansion of the optical fibre cable to the exterior from 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) to 10 Gbps.

The public responsibility policy also has among its core features the promotion of the ICT sector by means of the NiU startups accelerator, which celebrated its second Demo Day, an event in which six innovative projects were presented to some thirty investors.