Customer relationship

We are automating the customer experience model

The consolidation of the customer experience model, with the creation of a specific area, has placed the customer at the centre of the company’s decision-making process. In 2018, this task focused on taking specific initiatives at the points of contact between the user and the company.

The automation of the customer’s voice tool allows us to collect their opinions in real time, and act to resolve any faults or adapt to their needs. This work has been complemented by cross-checking with different sources of information, enabling us to expand our knowledge about our users.

In order to continue improving customer service from any point of contact, the analysis of all interactions is centralised in the Customer Experience area, to continue striving to ensure that all customer service is in line with our company’s values, regardless of the channel used.

Face-to-Face Channels

Andorra Telecom provides a service from 4 points: the main agency in Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria, Pas de la Casa and la Massana.
The average number of customers attended to daily by the agency is 264, with an average waiting time of 2 minutes. A total of 70,825 customers have had their queries dealt with by with our agencies, 3.6% more than the previous year.
The Customer department gauges customer satisfaction using HappyOrNot devices. 95% of users are satisfied (9%) or very satisfied (86%) with the treatment received from the agency in a sample of 3,429 responses.
As for the Customer Service Centre (CSC), accessed via the number 115, it closed 2018 with a total of 162,195 calls answered, 90% of which were answered in less than 20 seconds.
Most of the queries handled by our telephone operators, two-thirds, correspond to customer service management.
Over the course of the year, the CSC dealt with a total of 1,435 e-mails sent to the e-mail address:, and also answered calls dealing with the issues of customers of the website via the call me back function


More and more users are getting their information and interacting with the company via digital channels, and more specifically, using the commercial website: and the corporate website:

The commercial website is beating all records, adding 177,363 single users, and representing a 7.4% increase over the previous year. Most visitors came from Andorra (71.9%), followed by Spain (17%), France (3.1%) and the United States (2.7%). 

The commercial website is used by customers to obtain information regarding products and services, but also to change mobile phone tariffs (3,946 transactions) or television packages. The number of customers registered on the website is 25,407.

In the case of Movistar+ Devices, the platform that enables online viewing of television content has attained the figure of 4,491 registered customers.

As for the corporate website, which was set up in mid-2017, it ended the financial year with a total of 15,256 single visitors.


The Andorra Telecom app has been very well received. 9,344 people registered during 2018, bringing the number of users to 22,373 customers. Out of the total number of registered customers, an average of 2,400 use it daily.

The app is subject to improvements throughout the year. In terms of interaction with the TV, the app allows the customer to turn their mobile phone into a remote control. It is also an excellent tool for managing delayed streaming (last 7 days and return to the beginning) or products included in the modular tariff, such as broadband internet, television packages or extra mobile services. The app also offers the possibility of contracting the modular tariff.