Financial statements



The breakdown of staff costs for 2018 is as follows:

(Amounts in euros) 31/12/18 31/12/17
Wages and salaries 12.755.655 11.528.474
Social Security 2.091.084 1.882.608
Training and other staff costs 385.176 502.979
Annual contribution to pension plan 286.828 281.830
TOTAL 15.446.743 14.195.890

On 30 June 2018 a number of employees left the workforce under a voluntary redundancy scheme approved by the Board of Directors on 10 April 2018. These employees met both of the conditions for eligibility under the scheme: having at least 25 years' service with the Company and being over 55 years of age. An extraordinary expense of 0.9 million euros in respect of these redundancies was recorded under the Salaries and wages and Social security headings.