The change in the fixed telephony and Internet catalogue has resulted in a reduction in the price of communications. One of the main products is the Virtual Switchboard which allows the companies to manage their communications, with the most advanced functions of a physical switchboard, but without the costs associated with the purchase, installation, maintenance and updates.  The service includes the support of a sales manager who gives advice on the most appropriate configuration for each client’s needs.

Another of the products that was popular among companies is Voice Channels for IP switchboards that allow the integration of fixed and mobile telephony and Internet access with the physical switchboard. This solution is flexible and modular. The customer can choose the number of voice channels (simultaneous calls) required, the number of lines or extensions and a wide range of minutes packages.

Emmagatzematge de dades

There has been a significant increase in cloud services and data hosting in 2018. 

Cloud Services

The high uptake of services offered by Andorra Telecom show that companies are increasingly moving to cloud services. The business community appreciates the advantages of transferring all its IT services to the cloud and using it to backup data. Andorra Telecom’s Cloud service continues to consolidate and ended 2018 with 14 public and private clients.

The contracted services are a combination of the outsourcing of the productive computer infrastructure of certain clients and the redundancy of safeguards from the servers of other clients. 2018 was also marked by the signing of several partnership agreements with IT service companies in the Principality of Andorra for the resale of Andorra Telecom’s Cloud Services. These companies have a decisive role and provide a layer of supplementary added value.

Data Center

In 2018, the new Andorra Telecom Data Center was installed in the parish of La Massana. This will replace the Arans data hosting center by 2020. Andorra Telecom will accompany more than 15 current clients in the process of migrating the services.

This new Data Center has already reached 35% of its capacity through the business agreements signed with several financial entities in the Principality of Andorra who have relocated part of their IT infrastructure there. The security and the quality of the infrastructure offered has been decisive.

Fleet management service

The fleet management service is a connected devices or Internet of Things solution developed to control and manage fleets of vehicles. The service enables tracking on a map in real time, the generation of alarms for the most variable issues such as speeding or entering and leaving an area, and the control and monitoring via a web platform.

This fleet management service has covered practically all of the European continent since 2017, it has increased its number of clients to 17, and the number of vehicles monitored to 199, which is an increase of 25% over the previous year.

Information Security

Andorra Telecom's range of products and services for information security makes the company the ideal business partner in the country. 2018 ended with a total of 21 clients from the public and private sectors. 

The offer is split into three areas: professional services, products and equipment. Professional services include awareness sessions, audits, penetration tests and support in compliance with information security regulations. 

As regards products, 2018 saw the launch of basic and advanced versions of secure Internet, which is a tool intended for parental control, and the DDoS service, which offers effective protection in case of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

With regard to the marketing of hardware, Andorra Telecom signed a partnership with Fortinet that authorises them to sell the products of this company, which is a world leader in the field of cybersecurity equipment.

In the area of R&D, the company has developed a fraud detection and prevention tool, which has already been implemented internally, and will soon be incorporated into the portfolio of products and services.