Mobiles services

The change in the FTTH Internet service offer also has a direct impact on mobile telephony by offering the possibility of adding up to five lines. These lines are characterized by two different price plans. The first mobile phone, for € 30, has a national flat rate, 8 GB (half of which can be used in Spain, France and Portugal) and 100 international or roaming minutes. From the second line, for € 18, 2 GB is added and all communications are shared between the lines that are combined.

In June, the roaming coverage of the Pass number 99 was extended, where the flat rate of voice and data up to 10 GB, which could be used in Spain, France and Portugal, can now be used throughout the Union European and the United States of America. In this way, we adapt to a type of customer who tends to make intensive use of mobile communications (mainly voice and data) outside of Andorra and neighboring countries.

The most hired mobile phone proposal is the 15 Pass (33% of customers), which offers a moderate use of both voice, data and SMS communications at a reasonable price. Regarding the Mobiland Contract payments, they increase 3.5% over the previous year. Prepaid mobile phones represent 22% of total mobile phone subscriptions.

Broadband and Phone

Andorra Telecom breaks away from the concept of packages, and will be launching modular rates in December. Up to now, home phone and broadband services have been characterised by packages with different combinations of home phone, broadband and TV, but our new offer gives you the chance to personalise each of the services according to your specific needs.

Our new rates give you, the customer, different options for domestic and international calls to mobile phones and landlines - so that we will be able to make you a plan that covers your needs.

Likewise, our broadband bandwidth is growing (up to 700Mbps), and we guarantee fast, reliable service, particularly in situations where multiple devices are all being used over the same connection at the same time. Bandwidth granularity on the internet will give all users a clear, economical pricing plan to provide you with the type of access that you need in a personalised way.

We wanted to get closer to you, our customers, and to better understand your needs. The new deal for modular services that we’ve developed as a result covers a range of different needs, and is a key element in residential customer satisfaction.


At Andorra Telecom, we’re adapting to the new ways our customers are using our TV service. Catch up. Our customers want to watch their programmes when it suits them, and we’re giving them the chance to do just that. Our new ‘last 7 days’ feature, launched in March, which allows the user to choose when to access all Premium content from the previous week, was extremely well-received, being used by 40% of viewers.

As with our other residential services, our TV deals are also modular, so that you, the customer, can choose exactly what content it is you want to watch. 

In line with this idea, our football deals in September will be offered in three different modules: Match of the Day (the very best match on that day), La Liga (other Spanish first-division matches), and the Champions League (the UEFA Champions League). In this way, as a customer, you can adapt your budget according to your preferences. 

In December, together with the launch of our modular deals for all home services, we’ll be marketing a new TV bundle called Movistar + Base, aimed at customers who above all love series, sports and entertainment programmes.