Tourists and seasonal

Temporary Pack

The Temporary Pack was launched in November 2018 as a different product. It is a package especially designed for seasonal workers who only want a pre-paid and fixed monthly rate without added consumption. 

This service has been very popular. Around 550 customers use a product each season which allows them to have 300Mbps Internet access. The prepayment corresponds to the months the product is used and saves customers from going back to the shop to cancel the service, as the duration is determined on purchase and the total amount is pre-paid. 

This service originated from an internal innovation programme in services and processes, which is carried out each year by employees in Andorra Telecom.

Andorra Wifi

The Andorra Wi-Fi network guarantees free connectivity to the main commercial avenues and main tourist areas in the country’s parishes. The deployment was completed during 2018 in the town of El Pas de la Casa that extended the coverage to a total of 40 areas, including streets, squares and facilities. 

The network was initially installed on the commercial hub formed by Meritxell and Carlemany avenues, and then progressively extended to the rest of the territory.

This infrastructure has a high number of users, and are mostly tourists. The service has become a very interesting alternative for advertising to make an impact on visitors who connect to the network. 

In 2018, a total of 226,065 users connected to Andorra Wi-Fi, which represents an increase of 5% over the previous year. 92% of this figure are visitors, with Spaniards (61%) leading the ranking above the French (6%), Russians (5%), British (4%) and Portuguese (3%), among others. 

As regards age, most users (60%) are between 19 and 38 years old, while 27% are between 39 and 58 years old.