Public Responsibility


Andorra Telecom’s business incubator and accelerator, based in the Els Arcs building in La Massana, has become an essential part of innovation and entrepreneurship in Andorra. The NiU does more than just host and accompany start-ups that develop cutting edge technology projects, also helping them in their efforts to raise the funds necessary to take their projects to the next level.

This is the idea celebrated in the second NiU Demo Day in November. This event enables entrepreneurs to present their projects to national and international investors.  A total of thirty professionals from banks, family office, venture capital funds and business angels are taking part.

Two of the companies hosted at the NiU are presenting an ambitious project for building and launching their own satellite intended to provide services to cover the needs of operators of geostationary satellites. The other five start-ups to present their projects are external and work in areas as diverse as education and skiing.

The National Education Network of Andorra

The 2017/2018 school year started with significant changes in connectivity. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education together with Andorra Telecom are multiplying tenfold the speed of the National Education Network of Andorra (XENA), which connects 35 school buildings and provides a service for 11,000 students and 1,820 teachers in the three education systems.

The main change is the expansion of the optical fibre cable to the exterior from 1 Gigabits per second (Gbps) to 10 Gigabits. Other improvements have come from expanding the access lines to Xena from 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) to 1 Gigabits in the seven schools with the most traffic.  The capacity of the line was tripled for the other schools. The bandwidth available was sufficient, but the expansion was considered necessary in view of the continuous increase in demand for internet services from schools.

Jordi Nadal, the CEO of Andorra Telecom, underlined the role of Andorra Telecom in encouraging the use of ICT in general and especially among students. “The XENA network is more than an Internet access tool for schools, it is a channel for encouraging relations and exchanges between different schools and systems”

B-resol app

The B-resol app, which is backed by Andorra Telecom, enables cases of school bullying to be reported anonymously. Schools belonging to the Spanish education system (Col·legi Maria Moliner, Col·legi Sant Ermengol, Escola Sagrada Família, and Col·legi Mare Janer) decided to join in this year after the pilot scheme carried out in the 2016/2017  school year in the Andorran secondary school, Encamp

This app forms part of the Prevention plan promoted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and joins the measures already in place with the aim of raising awareness, preventing and reducing bullying, while encouraging mediation processes. The tool was downloaded a thousand times in the first year of operation.

The app enables the victims of bullying to notify three specific people at the school and thus activate the intervention protocol. The participation of Andorra Telecom is part of the operator’s policy of making young people aware of new technologies and promoting good and responsible use of them.

Don’t kid yourself. This is violence

The equality department of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior, together with Andorra Telecom, is launching the audio-visual campaign “Don’t kid yourself. This is violence” for the International Day for the elimination of violence against women. The campaign consists of five short videos showing situations of control using technology in the context of a relationship which, despite being widely accepted, are really acts of gender violence. The videos have the support of the popular youtuber Willyrex.

The campaign has several objectives: to prevent and raise awareness of how violence against women is exercised by their partners using technology, publicising it on digital media, and showing how the Administration and the private sector can collaborate to create synergies.

The campaign was unveiled at Prat del Roure d’Escaldes-Engordany with presentations by the psychologist and expert on gender-based violence Mònica Álvarez and Andorra Telecom’s expert engineer on cyber-security and fraud, David Julián.

Training in the prison

Andorra Telecom gave a customer service and telephone helpline training course to inmates at the Prison in September. 26 prisoners took part in this occupational training course, which is part of the collaboration agreement signed in June by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior with Andorra Telecom.

The essential purpose of this occupational training is the reinsertion of prisoners into employment and society, as well as providing them with the basic know-how they need to apply for jobs and take up professions.

It was a 3-hour course spread over two sessions, and was conducted over 4 days. Attendance was voluntary and those who signed up for the course came from the Prison’s three modules: women, men on remand and men serving sentences. 

The training will earn them an attendance certificate and qualification from Andorra Telecom.

Gender equality award

Andorra Telecom received the Olympe de Gouges award for promoting gender equality in the workplace, which was awarded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior. This award, presented for the first time as part of the International Working Women’s Day, is  a recognition of the actions and measures taken to ensure equal rights for men and women.

The Ministry recognised the commitment to non-sexist communications, and awareness and training in issues of equality. It also mentioned the painstaking study of the workplace with a remuneration policy free of gender stereotypes, programmes to reconcile work, private and family life and the protocol for preventing sexual harassment. During the event Inlingua was also awarded the prize in the medium-sized enterprise category.

Xavier Espot, the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior, acknowledged the firm commitment to gender equality. He stressed that the fight for equal rights for men and women is a fight for democratic values, and that the Government is working tirelessly to achieve this equality.