Cultural Sponsorships

The Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum

There were two major temporary exhibitions at the Museu Carmen Thyssen in 2018. The exhibition “Allées et venues. Gauguin and four centuries of roads and paths in art” opened on February 16th and included 22 works dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries that treat the path as its subject in either a metaphorical or symbolic sense. The central work, the “star” of the exhibition, which ended on September 10th, is Paul Gauguin’s “Coming and going, Martinique”.

The exhibition “Femina feminae. Muses and the collector. From Piazzetta to Delaunay’ opened in October. This show is a selection of 28 works in homage to the role of women as muses and as painters, as well as to the collector Carmen Thyssen. The artists on display include Berthe Morisot, Robert Delaunay, Giovanni Battista Piazzetta and Winslow Homer, and Catalans such as Pere Pruna and Joaquim Sunyer.

Andorra Telecom’s interactive screens include details about the restoration of the works. This information is rarely provided to visitors, but the museum wanted to share it.

Cirque du soleil

Cirque du Soleil’s sixth show exclusively for Andorra focuses on musical themes. Diva is a journey through the music of the 20th century featuring live performances by famous singers and choreographed dances featuring the acrobatics that the company Cirque du Soleil are so well known for.

Over 105,000 spectators watched the show, with Andorra Telecom providing its technology and guaranteeing its connectivity. There were 22 performances in total, divided between the last weekends of June and July, earning a magnificent reception from the audience.

Cirque du Soleil has become one of the great cultural attractions of the summer season. In six years, the Canadian company’s performances have attracted 534,000 spectators to the Parc Central complex.

Volunteers for the language

Andorra Telecom is continuing to support the Language Policy Service’s campaign for another year. With the motto “No te’l guardis” [Don’t keep it to yourself], the campaign aims to make non-Catalan speakers aware of the importance of learning and using Catalan.

Once again the campaign is promoting the Volunteer for the language project, which is in its 14th year and has already enlisted the help of 1,500 people. The initial idea of pairing Catalan speakers with non-speakers to practice the language by sharing conversation time has expanded to include a number of parallel activities.

Andorra Telecom is promoting the campaign with the screens in its sales office.