Digital Transformation

Andorra Telecom launched one of the most ambitious transversal projects in 2018 with the greatest impact on its organisation. In June, the digital transformation program started, which is based on six fundamental pillars: strategy, customer relationship, operational efficiency, culture, data and technology.

The fundamental objectives pursued include adapting the products, services or user support to the new type of customer: multichannel and multidevice, who shop online, comparing and sharing their opinion. This process must go hand-in-hand with improved efficiency and agility that not only enables us to know customers better, but to offer maximum efficiency in the products and services they want. 

The project is closely tied to brand awareness by positioning Andorra Telecom as one of the benchmarks for digitisation in the country.

The digital transformation programme, which lasts one and a half years and has the support of the consulting firm KPMG, started with a preliminary study on the level of digitisation. Andorra Telecom used the criteria of the prestigious TM Forum, an international association that brings the main companies in the telecommunications sector together, to measure the level of digital maturity, which was at 37.2%. The objective is for the company to implement the 38 initiatives in the programme to raise this level of maturity to 63.5%.